The main reasons for engaging a Mortgage Broker are as follows:


Instead of being limited to one bank or product, a Broker can give you access to many more options. At Loan Initiatives, we have access to over 30 different banks and financial institutions and countless products. We shop your deal around to get you the best possible result.

We Work for You

You are our client, not the bank. With our vast choice of banks and products, we are not tied to any particular lender. We make recommendations based on what is best for you, not the banks. Any recommendations will only be given where there is a net benefit to you and your family.


We understand that everyone leads a busy life, so we make it easy for you. Our Broker team is able to see you when it is convenient for you: at your home, place of work, even outside business hours.

Expert Advice

Our Mortgage Brokers have vast experience in the industry. Unlike a home loan specialist in a bank, we can give you tailored advice on what products will best suit you based on the information you provide.

Our Brokers know from experience which lenders will work with what client and vice versa, making the entire loan process quicker and easier for you.

In addition, as Chartered Accountants, we can also provide expert income tax advice for any entity including individuals, trusts, companies and SMSF.


A Mortgage Broker does all the running around for you. Sick of complicated paperwork you don’t understand? That’s ok; at Loan Initiatives we take care of all this for you.

From our initial meeting to settlement, we organise all paperwork and explain the entire process to you so that it becomes stress free. As your Broker, we also become the central point of contact, saving you a lot of time.

Fee Free

Our service is free of charge. Mortgage brokers receive commissions from lenders that we do business with. As a result, we do not need to charge you a fee.

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