Why having a FREE home loan review could save you thousands!

Having your home loan reviewed is a quick and easy process and can ensure that you are on a competitive interest rate and that you still have the best product to suit your needs. A loan review doesn’t have to be a refinance either, sometimes you can remain with your current home loan provider. At Loan Initiatives we have qualified Mortgage Brokers who have the ability to negotiate with your lender and potentially provide you with a more competitive product.

Other possible points are listed below:

  • An interest rate difference of 0.25% on a $300,000 mortgage can save you about $50 per month! That’s a saving $18,000 over the life of the loan.
  • A rate reduction may mean you can pay extra off your home loan each month and reduce the term of your loan.
  • Interest rates are at an all-time low, and most lenders are offering better rates and products to remain competitive in the current market.
  • Your financial position and goals may have changed and there are products that will help you achieve those new goals.
  • Most importantly, a review of your home loan is FREE!

We can complete the review over the phone or via email, alternatively we can come to you at a time that suits you! Call our home loan team today on (08) 7123 2855 to get the review process started.

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