image0030% Car Finance – Is it real?

Generally speaking when it comes to car finance there is no such thing as 0% comparison rate. Car dealerships will hike up the cost of the motor vehicle to account for the losses they are making in the interest rates.

You may also find that you are charged additional fees and charges that can sometimes be hidden. Dealerships can also get you locked in by giving you a fixed-price trade in offer that will make you come back to them at the end of your finance. Or offer you great add-ons such as extended warranty which makes the dealership extra money.

We have seen many of our clients go into a dealership with finance already approved through us and save thousands of $$$ on the price of the vehicle. In conjunction with our accounting team, we help our clients structure their finance to maximise their tax benefits.

Before you make the decision to take up the 0% interest rate specials you are being offered have a chat with us and we will help you make the best decision for your own needs.